November 12-16, the Winona campus community celebrated International Education Week, a U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Education initiative. The celebration began and continued throughout the week with a Taste of the World. Chartwells was kind enough to offer cuisine from some of the native countries of our international students. The International Center hosted Ruoya Fan (Jack) and Muhan Zhang who demonstrated how to make Chinese dumplings. It also hosted an international tea party so that the Saint Mary’s community could sample Vietnamese coffee, Chinese tea, and Mexican hot chocolate. It also hosted a Karaoke/Pinata “Bash” party, and international dance lessons with the assistance of the Inter-Cultural Awareness Association. The celebration ended with a tribute to Africa. Jeanne Minnerath, Professor of Biology, spoke of her travels to Nairobi, Kenya, during the summer of 2018, and African jewelry and batik’s were on sale. Congratulations to trivia contest winners Bailey O’Hare, Claire Klassen, Michelle Tran, JoAnn Frahm, Jason Underferth, and Peggy Giers for their knowledge of the world. Finally, a BIG thanks to all of you who participated in this year’s International Education Week events.