The De La Salle Language Institute welcomes two students from Hyderabad, India: Anusha Ramesh and Anudeep Belkeri.  Both of these students have plans to enter one of the Saint Mary’s University graduate programs upon completing the necessary TOEFL requirement.

Anusha completed her Bachelors of Engineering in electronics and communications in 2010.  However, due to the recession in the IT field at that time, she decided to wait a few years to begin a masters’ program.  During this time, she was employed by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions in India.  After she completes her masters’ program, she would like to live in the United States for five to ten years before returning to India.  If Anusha has any free time, she enjoys listening to music and painting.

Anudeep has a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science.  He hopes to one day be the CEO of an IT company in India that he would create.  Before coming to Winona, Anudeep spent five years as an IT person in an automobile multi-brand service industry.  Upon accomplishing the required TOEFL score, he plans to attend Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis for the purpose of gaining a Masters’ Degree in computer science.  Anudeep enjoys listening to music, playing chess and dancing.

Both Anudeep and Anusha are working in the cafeteria this semester.  They are greatly impressed with the technology that is available in the kitchen area, technology that they have not seen in India.  In addition, the technology used in the campus library is also very unfamiliar to them.  Now, they just have to get used to the food which, of course, is very different from the food at “home.”  Fortunately, Anudeep did bring some mango pickles from home if anyone would like to have a taste!

Welcome, Anudeep and Anusha, to the Saint Mary’s University Campus.