The Center for International Students maintains a Facebook page with over 214 active “friends.” The majority consists of past students from all over the world; these students enjoy reminiscing about memories as well as reliving experiences at Saint Mary’s that have changed their lives. Even though CIS’ alumni are spread throughout the world, every now and again they return to Saint Mary’s for a visit.  This past July, one such visit occurred. Veronica Magana, a 1991 ESL student from Mexico, chose to visit with her family during a vacation in the USA. While looking over pictures in a CIS album dedicated to past semesters, she became nostalgic while trying to explain how important her time at Saint Mary’s had been. “It’s been over 24 years since I was an ESL student here, but it seems that it was yesterday. All of my memories are still fresh in my heart. I came back to show my family what the De La Salle Language Institute was all about for me and my classmates.”