Every time people ask me which country I came from, they have no idea what country I am talking about when I answer. I am talking about the country of Burma which, is also known as Myanmar. Burma is a tiny country that is located in Southeast Asia, and bordered by the countries of Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, and the Indian Ocean. It is well known as a country with diverse ethnicities which are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Mon, Rakhine, Chin, Bamar and Shan. All of the ethnicities speak different languages, but Burmese is the official language in Burma. Buddhism is the main religion in Burma, but the majority of the ethnicities believe in Catholicism and Christianity except for the Bamar ethnicity. Agriculture and fishing are the two main industries in Burma. Burma is also known as the largest exporter of rice in Southeast Asia. Other than rice, beans, sugarcane, corn, sesame and spices such as red chili, ginger, and turmeric are the main agricultural products in Burma. One of my favorite things about the country of Burma is the beauty of the landscapes. The old temple of the ancient city called Pagan is the most beautiful place among all the temples in Burma. Another pagoda that catches the visitors’ attention is the golden rock that teeters on the edge. Beaches, national parks, and lakes are other relaxing places that visitors can enjoy while they are in Burma. Rice is our main food, but it is always served with fish, meats, vegetables, salads, and soups. Rice noodles (Mohinga) with fish gravy is my favorite dish. If you have a chance to go to Burma, you should definitely try the rice noodles. There are many kinds of them, and all of them are worth trying. Among the salads, tealeaves salad is famous in Burma. Steamed rice cakes, rice dumplings filling with coconut, and deep-fried stuffed shrimp, vegetables, and beans are the best snacks of all the foods. I would recommend you to try all the food if you have a chance to go to Burma because you will definitely love it.  -Rosy Line