Jane CyrusHow many teachers get to travel the world within the walls of one classroom? Yes, that’s what I have had the opportunity to do in this position as an ESL teacher in the De La Salle Language Institute. I have been a member of the staff for a number of years. I never thought my original plan of teaching elementary-aged students would somehow lead me to the “international” scene of education. I thoroughly enjoy learning about the various cultures and customs of our international students here at Saint Mary’s. One of the highlights was being a part of the twenty-five-year DLI class reunion that took place last summer. The memories that these students shared with us of the “old” days were priceless. I certainly hope that the students we have presently will have the same opportunity to come together 25 years from now. I may miss that gathering, but I will always feel very fortunate to have been a part of this program as it has greatly opened my mind to many wonderful people from many parts of the world.

– Jane Cyrus, ESL Instructor