Fall 2015

students with trolley

The Center for International Students (CIS) welcomed over twenty new students by taking them on a Trester Trolley tour of Winona.  These students have come from as far as Saudi Arabia, India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam.  During CIS’ orientation program, new students also learned firsthand about services offered by Wells Fargo, Chartwells, the Wellness Center and Business Office, all in addition to the many other services offered to them on campus.  New and returning international students, along with faculty and staff, went on to enjoy CIS’ traditional welcome picnic.  And, thanks to the support of Christian Brothers and staff, these same students have been able to take part in several off-campus activities.  Participation in the live Bald Eagle event at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha was a favorite.


students in classroom

On October 8, several members of Saint Mary’s international community participated in a Cultural Day held at Saint Mary’s School in Caledonia. Sharing features of their languages and cultures, Br. Miguel Mendoza Vargas, Br. Cristhian Diaz Meza, Br. Pie Nsukula and Anusha Ramesh (representing Peru, Colombia, Congo and India) presented to approximately 300 elementary students.


The Center for International Students maintains a Facebook page with over 214 active “friends.” The majority consists of past students from all over the world; these students enjoy reminiscing about memories as well as reliving experiences at Saint Mary's that have changed their lives. Even though CIS’ alumni are spread throughout the world, every now and again they return to Saint Mary's for a visit.  This past July, one such visit occurred. Veronica Magana, a 1991 ESL student from Mexico, chose to visit with her family during a vacation in the USA. While looking over pictures in a CIS album dedicated to past semesters, she became nostalgic while trying to explain how important her time at Saint Mary's had been. “It’s been over 24 years since I was an ESL student here, but it seems that it was yesterday. All of my memories are still fresh in my heart. I came back to show my family what the De La Salle Language Institute was all about for me and my classmates.”



In honor of Dussehra, a holiday in India commemorating the victory of good over evil, we are sharing a recipe for you to celebrate with.  According to the Hindu calendar, the day is commemorated on the tenth day of the month of Ashwin, which happens to be October 22 this year.  Thanks to DLI student Anusha Ramesh, you can make sweet pongal, a traditional dessert that is served at all Indian holidays.

Sweet Pongal



Rice – 1 Cup

Green Gram Dal (mung beans)– 1/2 cup

*Jaggery – 1 ½ cup

Water – 4 cups

Cashews - 10

Raisins - 10

Cardamom powder – ¼ teaspoon


How to Prepare:

• Roast the Green Gram Dal in a dry pan until light brown color.

• Wash rice and green gram.

• Take a vessel and pour in 4 cups of water. Heat the water until it comes to the boiling point. Once the water starts boiling, add rice and gram to the boiling water.

• In the meantime, heat 1 tablespoon of ghee, add cashews, raisins and fry until light brown color and set it aside.

• Now add jaggery to the cooked rice and gram and mix well with the rice and gram.

• Once the rice, gram and jaggery are cooked, lightly crush it.

• Add cardamom powder, fried cashews and raisins and ghee.

• Sweet pongal is ready to eat.

* 1cup brown sugar mixed with 2 tsp. molasses can be used as a substitute


Anudeep Anusha

The De La Salle Language Institute welcomes two students from Hyderabad, India: Anusha Ramesh and Anudeep Belkeri.  Both of these students have plans to enter one of the Saint Mary’s University graduate programs upon completing the necessary TOEFL requirement.

Anusha completed her Bachelors of Engineering in electronics and communications in 2010.  However, due to the recession in the IT field at that time, she decided to wait a few years to begin a masters’ program.  During this time, she was employed by Allscripts Healthcare Solutions in India.  After she completes her masters’ program, she would like to live in the United States for five to ten years before returning to India.  If Anusha has any free time, she enjoys listening to music and painting.

Anudeep has a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science.  He hopes to one day be the CEO of an IT company in India that he would create.  Before coming to Winona, Anudeep spent five years as an IT person in an automobile multi-brand service industry.  Upon accomplishing the required TOEFL score, he plans to attend Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis for the purpose of gaining a Masters’ Degree in computer science.  Anudeep enjoys listening to music, playing chess and dancing.

Both Anudeep and Anusha are working in the cafeteria this semester.  They are greatly impressed with the technology that is available in the kitchen area, technology that they have not seen in India.  In addition, the technology used in the campus library is also very unfamiliar to them.  Now, they just have to get used to the food which, of course, is very different from the food at “home."  Fortunately, Anudeep did bring some mango pickles from home if anyone would like to have a taste!

Welcome, Anudeep and Anusha, to the Saint Mary’s University Campus.


Fedje Panza

The De La Salle Language Institute (DLI) began its semester with visitors from Drury University located in Springfield, Missouri.  Jay Fedje, Vice President of Enrollment Management, and Dr. Christopher Panza, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, were conducting a feasibility study regarding the potential development of an English as a Second Language program at Drury.  Drury’s representatives were familiar with DLI’s established language program and considered it a best in class model suiting the needs of their research.  Mr. Fedje and Dr. Panza spent time touring DLI’s facilities and interviewing staff from both DLI and the Center for International Students.