Savhanna BergerThis semester I studied through Spanish Studies Abroad where I was one of 15 American students in the program. From the food, the people, and the laid-back atmosphere, I absolutely loved my time in Alicante. I lived with a host mom, and I ate like a queen! She was a cook for many years, so I was always trying new traditional Spanish food; my personal favorite is octopus. She didn’t know any English words except “coffee” and “thank you,” so I had tons of opportunities to practice speaking Spanish. She and her family were so welcoming and answered any questions that I had; I was even invited to her daughter’s wedding. In regard to my classes, I took classes with other international students in Spain, so I had the opportunity to meet people from around the world. I learned so much about Spain’s history, culture, and the Spanish language. Being immersed in a culture improved my language skills and taught me so much more than any other class will ever teach me.